2007 Korint, Greece 2008 Istanbul, Turkey 2009 Romе, Italy
2011 Gerzat, France 2013 Loreto, Italy 2013 Paralia Katerinis, Greece
2015 Rijeka, Croatia    

Broadcast & TV Records

Radio Sofia, Radio Colonge, BBC London, Radio Belgrade, Radio Chablais - Montreux, TV ORF2.


....Slaviansko Edinstvo earned its place among the best Bulgarian choirs and won the respect of the friends of the choir song. Its head Donka Koprinkova joins the most talented choir masters in the country.
Prof. V. Arnaudov
...clearness, vividness and great dynamic amplitude in the performances. Correctness in the interpretation of music. This was a demonstration of vocal skills.
New Williams-Langolen-1990
...The impressive choir Slaviansko Edinstvo from the town of G.Oriahovitsa is mastered by Donka Koprinkova – a choir-mater with magic radiance. With a wide and noble gesture the choir-master receives from her 60 singers a magnificent joint of vocals. Works of Bulgarian composers with difficult harmonies and rhythms were performed brilliantly.
La Presse (Riviere) Shablais-Jean Cosset-1999
...The choir is notable for its significant abilities and absolute choir discipline.
Frankfurter Algemaine-1992


“Wonderfully! Excellently! Congratulation!”
Stefano Jave, Alta Pusteria, June 2002
Magnificent! Unforgettable! Hardly a better representation of Bulgaria in Clamar here before Christmas!
Mrs. Irina Bokova, Secretary-General of UNESCO,
Paris, 17 December 2005
I always dreamed to hear some pieces like I heard them this evening in the performance of Slavic unity. Thank you! 
Vangel Panov, Vice Chairman of the Bulgarian Choral Union
19.06.2009 Gorna Oryahovitsa
You touched me in my heart, you stay with me. Thank you very much for this happy moment!
Rob and Lythie van Straaten
Monster, Netherlands, 2006